Different Ar 15 Parts And Accessories

The AR 15 is a family of weapons and is produced by numerous manufacturers around the world. The AR 15 gun has a number of parts and accessories. Some of them are discussed below:

The loader and its functions: The magazine loader for .233 cal / 5.56 mm ammunition is one of the main accessories of the AR 15. This loader works with M16/AR15, Ruger Mini-14 and similar other magazines. It has been specially designed to easily load singe magazines with optimum speed and efficiency. Lightweight and compact loader makes use of a thumb activated lever. Mainly the AR 15 parts are waterproof and can withstand 33 feet underwater pressure. The state of the art digital electronic design is employed to construct it. Alkaline rechargeable batteries are generally used. There are twenty brightness levels which ensure proper brightness control in either little light or extremely bright sunlight.

On board microprocessors: There is an on-board microprocessor which provides automatic battery check indicator, as well as up/down brightness scrolling. It also offers programmable auto shutdown features. All electronic devices are fully enclosed in shock absorbing resin compound. You can also find holographic patterns which are especially designed to make the images instantly visible to any light.

Reticules: There are reticles designed as large, see-through patterns for achieving lightning quick target without jacketing or obscuring the point of aim.

Heads Up, full view is an accessory which eliminates blind spots, constricted vision; it also eradicates any sort of tunnel vision which may be associated with tubed sights. There are battery compartments and mounting rings which blocks vision in the non-targeted area. It also maximizes the peripheral vision of the user and is thus a threat identification factor.

If the window is foiled by mud, snow, rain, etc. the function of the HWS is not thwarted. It ensures the enlargement of the ammunition capacity; it also saves reload time by joining two magazines for the M16/AR15 or the Ruger Mini 14. There are lightweight and fiberglass used for designing this. It also has a lifetime warranty.
8 oz. cleaning system: There is an 8 oz. cleaning system which essentially replaces the 3 lbs. of conventional gear. There is also a flexible cleaning rod which helps you to clean correctly from breech to muzzle. With the help of this cleaner you can clean the receiver, locking lugs, chamber, shoulder and neck can easily be cleaned.
Stock Saddles: It increases the cheek support while cleaning. It also improves the stability of the cheek and head. The fatigue associated with head movement is considerably lowered.

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