Auto Insurance Covers More Than Healthcare

Drivers in most states are required to maintain auto insurance at an amount specified by their state government; this is designed to protect all drivers from uninsured motorists, reducing the risk of damage or injury from an uninsured vehicle. Some states do allow drivers (who can prove the worth of their assets) to file a financial responsibility waiver, proving their ability to cover damages to property or injuries to other drivers or passengers in the event of an accident. Although some see these laws as governmental intrusion into the lives of individual citizens, they fail to recognize that auto insurance laws are intended to protect consumers, rather than complicate their lives.

For many families in Wesley Chapel, Tampa, and Lutz, their auto insurance policy provides an invaluable financial safety net protecting one of their primary assets. Everyone thinks of insurance as a way to protect the physical health of drivers and passengers”which certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. But consider this: for many consumers, their vehicle is their lifeline to gainful employment. Even a minor accident can incapacitate a vehicle, leaving the owner inconvenienced at best”at worst, stranded at home with no viable transportation to work.

Even the safest of drivers are still at risk of theft; auto insurance protects you from the loss of a vehicle to theft or vandalism”a benefit most auto insurance consumers don’t consider when opting for the absolute minimum coverage. Under minimal policies, the vehicle is covered, but not much else. For relatively little expense, however, auto insurance consumers can be assured of quicker service when a problem arises, maximum coverage in the instance of incapacity or theft, and even the benefit of a loaner car when your primary vehicle is rendered useless through accident or theft.

In your search for quality auto insurance, don’t just settle for minimal coverage at minimal cost”take the time to consider the risks your vehicle is exposed to, and the degree to which your vehicle is necessary for your daily routine. And always be sure to consult a licensed, experienced auto insurance provider in your area before making any insurance purchase.

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